The Facilitator Guide consists of more than 25 activities that you can use to unlock the creative potential and collective wisdom of your group. Each activity includes a thorough explanation of how to guide participants through, along with timing and supplies needed. Activities are organized under the 6 steps of the CANVAS Framework 

  • Step 1: Chart Your Path – Determine what success would look like, how your unique style will influence the idea, and how to move past fears preventing you from getting started.
  • Step 2: Ask Probing Questions – Get a pulse on what your community needs by getting face-to-face, testing your assumptions, and learning how to ask curious questions.
  • Step 3: Name Early Adopters – Identify those who are most eager to rally behind your idea and build momentum by asking for deeper engagement over time and incrementally.
  • Step 4: Visualize a Prototype – Develop moments of wonder, which are small experiments to tangibly test your idea and learn what works. Think small, cheap, and fast to test the boundaries of what’s possible.
  • Step 5: Articulate Your Story – Design a clear and compelling narrative for your project that stands out and is easily shareable, while leveraging various media forms.
  • Step 6: Sustain Efforts With Partners – Find partnerships that satisfy a mutual need and learn how to lean on your network’s trust as a critical currency of partnership-building.