Take the Guesswork out of Designing and Facilitating Engaging Experiences for Your Community!

Are You Struggling to Build Belonging in the Places You Care Most About?

We live in a time where people crave authentic connection and collaboration – in all aspects of our lives.

With our work colleagues, with our neighbors, with those we go to school with and those we volunteer alongside. As the world becomes more connected, the value of nurturing relationships matters more than ever!

But building intentional community is hard.

Yet when individuals take ownership in actively creating communities that they are proud of, they show up as their best self. They bring joy, energy, and an eagerness to contribute. And this has profound impacts.

  • Companies perform better because employees connect to a stronger sense of belonging and purpose.
  • Small towns attract more creative talent and experience increased economic development for their region.
  • Schools see improved engagement because students take an active role in guiding their learning.

In this course, you’ll discover the tools and frameworks you need to build belonging wherever you live, work, learn, and play. And have a lot of fun along the way…

This course consists of 6 modules that will guide you through how to creatively impact your community, whether that be a town, organization, company or region. You’ll get access to dozens of video lessons on assessing community needs and developing innovative solutions, along with tangible activities and weekly challenges to practically apply your learning.

** Every course participant will also be mailed our 80-page Creative Communities Field Guide full of prompts and guidance to keep track of your action steps throughout the course. **

This 6-step framework is ideal for all creative placemakers, city planners, team managers, and organizational leaders looking for ways to design a thriving community.

  • Save time designing meaningful experiences for your neighbors that increase connection
  • Enable your community to be actively engaged in collaborating and shaping your shared future together
  • Increase membership, engagement, and participation in your organization
  • Attract creative talent to your region
  • Increase creative economic development in your town
  • Unlock practical and experiential facilitation techniques and activities to level-up your community building approaches
  • Connect with creative community builders from other towns who you’ve been searching for