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I love helping communities foster connection, collaboration, and creativity to tackle their biggest challenges!

Spud Marshall

Founder of My Creative Community


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Facilitated Retreats + Workshops

From shorter workshops to multi-day retreats, we partner with organizations to design high impact experiences for participants. Depending on the need, we can facilitate 90-min workshops or coordinate all of the logistics necessary for a multi-day gathering.

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Client Examples

Since 2010, we’ve produced the Ignite Retreat for the Sullivan Foundation, a flagship 3-day retreat for college students around the American Southeast.

In 2021, we hosted the Creative Communities Convening alongside 3 Dots which brought together arts leaders from around the mid-atlantic region together.

For multiple years, we designed an immersion retreat for emerging social entrepreneurs in the Mississippi Delta as part of a partnership with Teach for America.

Virtual Connection Cafes

Hosted on a unique platform that allows participants to freely network and connect, these interactive experiences help groups explore untapped opportunities for collaboration. This is an ideal complement for conferences that want to foster more meaningful connection between participants. 

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Client Examples

Throughout the pandemic, we hosted more than 25 Ignite Masterclasses for the Sullivan Foundation which brought together thousands of students from more than 40 universities for weekly interactive sessions.

To support the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center and MentorCloud during the launch of MentorMakers, we facilitated events that connected mentors and entrepreneurs from around the world.

In partnership with Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, we facilitated a virtual series that allowed their partners to share best practices and discover new creative initiatives happening around the state.

Emergent Strategic Planning

Working primarily with network-driven organizations, we facilitate processes that unlock the collective wisdom of a group. This is most helpful when a leadership team wants to tap into the ideas and insight from their network while determining what path to take moving forward.

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Client Examples

We’ve guided multiple planning processes for networks of librarians and educators to discover what the future of their collective might look like as part of PALCI, including for PA Digital and Affordable Learning PA.

We facilitated a series of half-day retreats for an environmental center who wanted to improve workplace collaborations and build out an improved strategic process guided by new values that were co-created by their team.

We facilitated a kick-off strategy retreat that launched ENGINE of Central PA, one of only a few university-led STEM ecosystems to bring meaningful STEM research and innovations to K-12 education around the country.

Creative Project Implementation

We help leaders bring their vision for a creative project to life – from designing fellowships, to renovating high school innovation labs, to catalyzing entrepreneurial ecosystems. We bring a participatory approach to help launch your project.

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Client Examples

Similar to Extreme Home Makeover (but for a school), we coordinated a week-long design renovation of two high school libraries into innovation centers, and engaged 250+ students in the planning and implementation of the project.

We facilitated a destination wedding in Mexico by running a half-day series of games to strengthen connection for 200 participants and designing interactive photo sculptures and gamified welcome materials.

We were hired by a community foundation to launch an arts and innovation center, which involved overseeing the renovation and engaging community members throughout the design process.

Learning Experience Design

We help education leaders design engaging experiences far outside the box. We help them reimagine the way they deliver content in participatory ways, strengthen opportunities for connection between learners, and support groups who want to add an experiential dimension to their curriculum.

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Client Examples

Working with Primrose, one of the country’s top pre-schools, we designed a professional development training in-a-box which was co-developed with their staff after running a series of listening sessions around the country.

Working alongside the Sullivan Foundation, we were brought on to organize immersive Field Trips for emerging leaders to meet with community builders and social entrepreneurs reimagining cities around the American Southeast.

To support organizers of the Alabama Early Childhood Education Conference, we teamed up with the QI Skills team to design activities that provided opportunities for collaboration amongst conference participants.

Keynote Speaker & Emcee

Our founder, Spud Marshall, regularly speaks on the following topics:

  • Designing creative communities
  • Leading for impact and innovation in the 21st century
  • Fostering vibrant creative economies

…and sometimes he wears a scuba suit while doing so!

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Client Examples

  • “Transforming Towns into Changemaker Communities” | American Planning Association
  • “Creative Communities: Designed from the Ground Up” | Develop Tioga Economic Development Summit
  • “Leadership Lessons from inside a Ballpit” | Lead the Pride Conference
  • “Harnessing Creativity: Engineering Innovations for Communities” | Campbell University
  • “Cultivating Changemaker Communities” | Dalhouise University
    and others…

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