Elevate your engagement initiatives with the Placemaking Deck, a dynamic tool designed to inspire creative placemaking solutions and foster vibrant community spaces.

Comprising of 72 cards divided into ITEM and PLACE categories, this deck offers a versatile approach to generating and implementing placemaking ideas. Each card includes an image of an ITEM or PLACE. The 48 ITEM cards ignite your imagination and spark creative new ideas, while the 24 PLACE cards provide guidance on where to actualize those ideas within your community.

Measuring at 3.5″ x 5.75″, these cards are our largest deck making them easy to use with large facilitated groups. Whether you hope to revitalize a public park, reimagine a neighborhood square, or enhance a communal gathering space, the Placemaking Deck serves as a helpful brainstorming tool.

A list of facilitated activities is included with the deck, so that you can put the cards to use right away. We have found the cards to be useful to:

  • Generate fresh ideas to invigorate underutilized areas and foster community connections.
  • Inspire an asset mindset – as opposed to a deficit mindset – with your group.
  • Strategically allocate resources and prioritize initiatives for maximum impact.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and community members to co-create inclusive and vibrant spaces.
  • Overcome challenges and embrace opportunities in the placemaking process.

This card deck is ideal for urban planners, community activists, designers, and anyone passionate about enriching public spaces.