Virtual Connection Cafes

Virtual meetings are here to stay. But that doesn’t mean your participants have to be stuck on Zoom all day long…

We team up with organizers to design virtual events that allow your participants to be active contributors and build meaningful connections with one another.

Ready to reimagine your virtual meetings? Let us introduce you to an alternative platform and format that will wow your participants!

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Take a sneak peak at a previous Connection Cafe hosted with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

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Discover Highly Interactive Events

The virtual ‘Connection Cafe’ is an interactive series of events that build high participation, engagement, and connection for your organization. Utilizing the Remo platform, the gathering(s) provide an engaging space for members in your network to connect, share best practices, and explore untapped opportunities for collaboration.

What is Remo?

Unlike zoom meetings or webinars, Remo allows for participants to freely move between small group video discussions. The platform transforms your members into active contributors, rather than passive consumers. 

By providing participants with the ability to choose what conversations they want to have and with whom, participants report far higher engagement and enjoyment from the event and a desire to get more involved in the work of the organization.

In addition, we are able to tailor the virtual floorplan in Remo, allowing us to personalize the virtual gathering to your network.

What do you get?

The Remo Platform: 

Included in the package is access to the platform for your events.

Personalized Virtual Facilitation and Experience Design:

We handle all of the emceeing and facilitation during the virtual events and will co-design the agenda and flow of the gatherings with your team.

Branded Design: 

We will build your event landing and registration page, along with designing custom floor plans in Remo and any necessary video overlays and graphics during the event.

Dedicated Resources and Support Videos: 

We’ll teach members of your team how to run highly engaging events in Remo. These resources are designed to train table hosts or mentors who may be involved in guiding small group conversations during the gathering(s).

Event Debrief and Recorded Videos: 

After each gathering, we’ll share suggestions on how to iterate and embed insights from the ‘Connection Cafe’ more fully into your work. Along with each debrief, we’ll share the list of who registered and attended the gathering, along with any raw recorded video files from the speakers.

Ongoing Creative Thought Partnership: 

We work alongside your leadership team throughout the process to identify ways to more meaningfully connect and engage your members.

What does the ‘Connection Cafe’ look like?

The ideal length for most events are between 1.5 – 2.5 hours. Depending on the needs of the group, we use a variety of facilitation techniques and designs. The agenda is developed collaboratively alongside your leadership team and could take one of the following forms:

Innovation Expo:

Featuring experts, innovators, and partners showcasing their efforts in virtual regions around the state, each presenter would have digital whiteboards to display content while participants freely bounce around to interact with exhibitors.

Speed Collaboration + Mentoring: 

Connect unlikely partners to explore potential collaboration opportunities and provide mentorship around emerging innovations.

New Student Orientation: 

Help students from different campuses network together and meet with peer educators and advisors.

World Cafe: 

Guide a group through three rounds of small group discussions to unlock shared insights and interests.

Roadshow Trivia:

Let stakeholders virtually travel around the region where you work to discover what partners are working on through interactive booths. While participants freely bounce around to interact with regional hosts, they are challenged to answer trivia questions as a way to spark curiosity with vendor.

I have done over 75 events this year and this was by far my favorite !

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What Past Clients Have Had to Say

All of our experiences are tailored to each client. We partner with governmental agencies, nonprofits, universities, foundations, and corporate clients. Below is a snapshot of some events that our team has designed, facilitated, and emceed for our partners.

“Working with Spud was extremely valuable. He helped us prepare and design a thoughtful and engaging event that supported our Biofabrication Community of Practice. Our partners loved the Connection Cafe event which allowed them to collaborate and take action together.”

Biofabrication Symposium – Collaborative Event for 100 VHA Employees and External Partners

“During the pandemic, Spud managed to re-imagine and creatively engage thousands of students in an incredibly exciting format across our network of 70+ universities. Our programming would not be at its current level without the guidance of Spud”

Ignite Masterclass – Semester-long series for College Students + Faculty (we were hired to host these gatherings more than 20 times)

“We had ideas but nothing concrete. Spud does a great job to organize those ideas and put thoughts into motion. Thanks to his help, we got the end result that we were hoping for and felt really proud of what we hosted. We would absolutely do it again!”

PA Council on the Arts Partners Gathering – 3-Month Series to Support 100 Arts + Culture Leaders Across Pennsylvania

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We help partners design engaging and dynamic initiatives to strengthen their communities.

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