For more than a decade, we oversaw and developed social innovation programming for a network of 70+ universities, including retreats, fellowships, and trainings. Some notable highlights included:

  • Trained over 5,000 college students

  • Re-aligned the foundation’s $17 million endowment towards programming that fostered student success

  • Guided professional development for 250+ faculty

  • Designed, facilitated and coordinated the budget for more than 25 weekend-long retreats

“Spud re-invigorated our social entrepreneurship program. He revolutionized our retreats by working tirelessly to reach students and coordinate facilitators.

Our programming would not be at its current level without the guidance of Spud.”

Steve McDavid
President of the Sullivan Foundation

Working alongside the client for 10+ years, we oversaw the student and alumni engagement efforts for the Sullivan Foundation, which provides social impact learning opportunities for young changemakers at more than 70 universities across the American Southeast.

With a network of thousands of alumni, faculty, and staff, we provided strategic support and implemented a variety of programs that strengthened the student engagement experience and exposed them to new career opportunities and mentors within our network.

These programs included fellowships, retreats, field trips, online trainings, virtual masterclass series, and coaching cohorts.

Testimony from Dr. Renee Just, Department Chair of a partner school and co-facilitator for Faculty training

Testimony from Arshiya Kherani, one of many facilitators that we coordinated and supervised for Sullivan programming

Testimony from Josh Nadzam, professor at a partner school and facilitator trained to lead the Foundation’s programming

Throughout our long engagement, we oversaw a team of facilitators and coaches to help deliver the experiences with our students and alumni. In addition, we worked directly with the president of the foundation and board of directors as a strategic advisor to reimagine the role of the organization.

  • Produced 20+ virtual Masterclass sessions with global social entrepreneur leaders

  • Organized and ran 6 field trips around the American Southeast

  • Designed a 3-year fellowship program that re-tooled the foundation’s endowment to better support students through meaningful programming

  • Coordinated a team of more than 40 facilitators and social change coaches around the country

  • Designed and lead study abroad social innovation immersion trips for college students in France

  • Oversaw the rebranding and marketing efforts for the foundation

  • Maintained, automated and designed the foundation’s website

  • Designed virtual programming that expanded the reach of the foundation to a global audience of universities during the pandemic

Ignite Retreat (Spring 2022)

Ignite Retreat (Fall 2018)

Virtual Masterclass Series

Alumni Showcase Symposium

Faculty Professional Development

Immersion Field Trips

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