Connection before content

One of the simplest ways to get people engaged and connected during a meeting is to prioritize connection before content.

Before you dive into the logistics or content of your meeting, give everyone a chance to get connected. Here are three simple ways you could do that.

Partner Share

One of the easiest activities is to simply pose a question to the group, and invite them to connect with a partner. You could ask:

  • What is one thing life is teaching you right now?
  • What excites you about this work?
  • What has been one thing that drained your energy recently?

Give everyone a few minutes to connect, then invite a few participants to reflect back to the group.

Blob Tree

Go around the group and invite everyone to check-in by answering:

  • Which blob do you most closely resonate with?

Pick a Meme

You can have everyone in the chat select a popular meme as their answer to a question, such as:

  • Which image describes the state of your to-do list? Why?
  • Which image describes how you are feeling at work right now? Why?

Feel free to find your own images and get creative!